Geography Unit 3 - Regional resources

The Murray Darling Basin

This unit investigates the characteristics of resources and the concept of region.

A resource is anything which occurs naturally or is created by humans provided that people use it to satisfy a need or want. Resources found within regions mean different things to different people over place and time. A study of resources is about the processes and relationships operating in the past, in the present, and those which will operate in the future. Regions are areas of various scales that have characteristics and features that distinguish them from other areas according to the elements used to define them. The use and management of resources is dynamic and changes spatially over time in response to the interactions between human activities, natural processes and the legislative processes that humans put into place. Social, historical, environmental, economic and political factors can be used to predict and plan for future policies and strategies to ensure the sustainability of the available resources.

Governments and other organisations often use the concept of region for planning purposes when determining allocation of resources and development of policies. Although the process of globalisation is influencing the world at a rapid rate, a regional perspective may give identity and help to make sense of such processes.

The availability and utilisation of water resources influences settlement patterns, infrastructure development and decision making in many Australian regions. Problems of supply and debates about the water resources of rural and urban communities mirror processes that are happening elsewhere on the Earth. There are competing demands for water resources within and between regions at local, national and international scales.

Students must investigate a regional resource and a local resource in Australia.
The regional resource will be water in the Murray-Darling Basin region.
Students will use fieldwork to investigate a local resource.

Field work in this unit will relate to...

Area of study 1 (Regional Resource): Murray Darling Basin.
Area of study 2 (Local Resource): Echuca Moama Bridge (Existing and Planned).

Unit 3: Regional Resources - The Murray Darling Basin
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