Echuca Moama Bridge

Population growth at Echuca and Moama, accompanied by growth in business, tourism, jobs and personal travel indicate that there will be significant future ongoing growth in travel across the Murray River at Echuca-Moama. A second Bridge is required to ensure a suitable level of service for the increasing traffic volumes in the future. The Victorian Coalition Government has nominated the ‘Mid-West 2’ as its preferred corridor for a second Murray River Bridge crossing for Echuca-Moama.

A second crossing will provide improved road connections for residents and visitors, as well as provide more secure access, particularly in the event of an accident on the existing bridge.

VicRoads is leading a Planning Study for the provision of a second Murray River Crossing within the Mid-West 2 Corridor at Echuca – Moama. (ref). FAQ

It is easy to think that change does not happen, when in fact, it is happening all of the time. Look at the pictures below to get a quick overview of some of the changes that have occurred in the last 150 years. Once you have done this, read up on the planning process for the new bridge.

The original bridge and punt built by Henry Hopwood in front of his hotel.

Image of the Murray River Bridge at Echuca, taken by A.J. Campbell in the 1894

Echuca Bridge Up Rail Motor 63 RM Date Taken: 6 September 1978

The railway bridge was built in 1989 to allow uniterupted traffic flow of both trucks and trains over the bridge. There was also some concern about the ability of the cast iron bridge to continue to carry heavy train traffic.

Square supports were added after a semi-trailer knocked down one of the original arches.

Raised arches to cope with increased semi trailer traffic

Echuca Moama Bridge Planning Study

Vicroads Echuca Moama Bridge Planning Study Website

Media Release: 23 November 2011 ()

"Echuca and Moama residents are encouraged to attend an Echuca-Moama Bridge".

VicRoads encourages the communities of Echuca and Moama to attend the upcoming Echuca- Moama Bridge information event, VicRoads Regional Director, Mal Kersting said today. “We have a public information event scheduled for next week. People will have the opportunity to see the latest information first hand and give us their comments.

“The information that will be on display will include the latest developments during this early phase in the planning process for the Mid-West 2 corridor, including the broader study area currently being looked at.”

Mr Kersting said that the Mid-West 2 corridor has the potential to provide a link between Warren Street, Echuca and the Cobb Highway, Moama along a corridor to the north of Echuca Cemetery and then crossing the Murray River downstream of the Echuca Caravan Park. “We are still in the early stages of planning, with a lot of work to be done before we can determine a final alignment in this corridor.

“This event will be an opportunity for the Echuca and Moama communities to see the latest “The ‘Mid-West 2’ is a variation of the Mid-West alignment, which was previously investigated in detail by VicRoads,” said Mr Kersting. information on our planning work to date for the Mid-West 2 corridor,” said Mr Kersting. “I invite the communities of Echuca and Moama to come and talk with VicRoads, Roads and Maritime Services staff and some members of the Community Consultation Group.

We are keen to hear people’s ideas and comments about the project,” said Mr Kersting. Mr Kersting said that for anyone who is unable to attend the events, they can visit the VicRoads website where they can find the most recent information and developments, or they can contact VicRoads regional office on 5434 5000.

Details: Tuesday 29 November 2011. Open for attendance any time between 10am and 7pm.
The Echuca Workers and Services Club (Twin Rivers Function Room), Annesley Street Echuca.

VicRoads regional office: 5434 5000.
Media contact (VicRoads): Hagen Riech 0407 037 988
Media contact (Community Group): Larissa Garvin 0427 669 628